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of deliciously satisfying hot food

Judy always uses top quality ingredients, cooked long and slow for real depth of flavour - which is why her catering is famously good: hearty, wholesome and memorably tasty.
The following, all at £7.50 per generous portion, are the most popular menu orders. If you would like something different, just get in touch. Whatever Judy prepares, you know it will be utterly delicious…

When meat's the treat...

Sweet and Sour Chicken… served on rice with sauté potatoes, French bread & butter.
Always a popular choice… a very colourful and visually attractive dish packed with carefully balanced fresh ingredients

Chilli Beef… served with rice and sauté potatoes, tomato & onion salad and garlic bread.
A deeply satisfying chilli, made glossy and rich and from long, slow cooking. The chilli 'kick' is very mild, to suit most tastes – if you want the heat turned up, just say so!

Hungarian Goulash

Hungarian Goulash… served with sour cream , sweet potatoes, rice, and hunks of cheese & tomato bread.
Chunks of beef, flavoured with lashings of paprika, are slowly cooked with plenty of peppers and onions in Judy's own-recipe sauce. The sweet potatoes are mashed with ginger and spring onions, giving another layer of flavour to this delicious dish

Beef Lasagne… served with green salad, homemade crunchy coleslaw and French bread & butter.
This is no ordinary lasagne... Layers of lean minced beefsteak in a rich tomato and herb sauce.

Judy's Hotpot… served with homemade pickled red cabbage and bread.
A triumph. Layer upon layer of deeply-flavoured food thanks to the slow, oh so slow cooking and the perfectly-balanced mix of herbs and seasoning. It takes real genius to made simple ingredients great...

Cottage pie

Cottage Pie with Cheese Topping.
Lean minced beef and onions topped with creamy mash and a piquant cheesy crust. Yum.

Sausages and mash

Cumberland Sausages… served with creamy wholegrain mustard mash and onion gravy
Top quality, spicy sausage combined with the warming comfort of flavoured mash and a silky, caramelised onion gravy. A deceptively simple, deeply satisfying dish

Stuffed peppers

Meat-free menu...

Stuffed Peppers… served with potato wedges, crisp green salad.
Packed with rice, tomatoes, crumbs and garlic and topped off with a cheese crust. Delish!

Vegetarian Hotpot… served with homemade pickled red cabbage and bread.
A melange of braised seasonal vegetables layered with potatoes, and slow cooked with Judy’s own mix of herbs and seasoning. Perfect for when you need filling up!

Potato wedges

Mediterranean Roast Vegetables… in a mild curry sauce, served with rice, french bread and green salad.
Another of Judy's own recipes, the blend of coconut and spices in the sauce giving the vegetables real depth of flavour with and a very gentle background heat

Vegetable Lasagne… served with green salad, homemade crunchy coleslaw and French bread & butter
Layers of luscious aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, sweetcorn and onions between sheets of fresh pasta, all bathed in a rich sauce. Dieting can wait...

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More food, glorious food...Food, glorious food...
Fresh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta

Food to go

Best food. Choicest ingredients. Finest staff... (NB adjectives are interchangeable)

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta


The best buffets available, whatever the budget. Freshly made and utterly delicious

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta


Hot, heavenly and homemade – tuck into generous portions of Judy's finest recipes

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta


These are seriously wicked. To be avoided if gentle moaning might disturb your event

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta

And more

Everything from Christmas meals for sheltered homes to canapés for cocktail hour…