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Food to go...

Top quality breakfasts, sandwiches, brunches & lunches

When you want your food on the go to be something more than just fuel to keep you going, there's nothing around that beats a Lunch & Judy breakfast, brunch or lunch. They are quite simply the freshest and best quality ingredients available, in any combination you want, served by the friendliest staff on the block. Extraordinarily good food, at very appetising prices...

Egg and bacon roll


Whether you want a light bite or you're in need of a full English in a belt-busting bin-lid batch, there's no better way to start the day than with a delicious Lunch & Judy breakfast…

Table of breakfasts
Toasted English muffin filled with creamy scrambled egg £3.25
Toasted bagel with smoked salmon, lemon & black pepper and cream cheese £3.75
All-butter croissant with (more!) butter and full-fruit
strawberry preserve
Fresh fruit tub (seasonal availability) choose from a mix of water melon, plums, tangerines, bananas, pineapple, grapes, kiwi fruit, apples, strawberries… (prices vary)
Fresh orange juice 75p
Toasted bacon, egg & sausage sandwich (or batch) with
mushroom or vine tomatoes

Filled baguette


A Lunch & Judy sandwich with soft, pillowy bread and plentiful super-fresh fillings (most of them home-prepared) has become the thing of legend. Nowhere does them better. (Sandwiches are served on soft grain granary bread and built to your specification with the salad of your choice and homemade coleslaw, mayo, or dressing. A variety of other breads and buns - including gluten-free - are available at a small extra charge. Portions are very generous and fully satisfy all but the most monster appetites. However, hollow legged-customers are catered for, with bespoke sandwiches priced according to tonnage!)

Table of sandwiches


Freshly poached salmon £3.40
Tuna mayonnaise £3.00
Sardine £3.00
Prawn with marie rose sauce £3.50
Prawn with avocado £3.75
Prawn with cream cheese £3.75


Pastrami, mustard & dill pickle £3.20
Smoked ham & swiss cheese £3.20
Freshly cooked chicken £3.20
Coronation chicken £3.20
Turkey with cranberry & sage stuffing £3.50
Turkey with bacon £3.50
Crispy bacon, lettuce & tomato £3.50
Cumberland sausage & homemade tomato chutney £3.00
Roast pork, apple sauce & sage stuffing £3.00


Mature cheddar with coleslaw or chutney £3.00
Brie with walnuts £3.00
Cottage cheese & pineapple £2.95
Cottage cheese & smoked salmon with black pepper & lemon £3.45
Cream cheese & salami £3.00
Cream cheese & anchovies £3.00
Cream cheese & walnuts £3.00
Stilton & walnuts £3.20
Feta cheese & plum tomatoes £3.20

Sandwiches cont'd

Table of sandwiches continued


Egg mayonnaise £2.55
Egg & anchovies £3.00
Egg & cress £2.55
Egg & bacon £3.50


Roasted vegetables & cream cheese £3.00
Hummous £3.00
Paté £2.50
Brie & grapes £3.00
Crunchy peanut butter £2.95
Banana & brown sugar £1.90
Avocado £3.00
Salad box (prices vary from £3.75)


Judy and the girls can also provide wraps, filled with your choice of ingredients. To save you waiting, these parcels of deliciousness are available only by telephone or faxed order in advance (as the queue is already out of the door every lunchtime!) and they are individually priced.

Filled baked potato

Rib warmers

Turning up the heat today? Then wrap yourself around one of Judy's comfort classics. Her soups are made every day in the traditional way from wholesome, tasty ingredients; the baked potatoes tipple over with curries and chillis made to Judy's own recipe. The paninis and toasties are glorious! No surprise there - the woman's a kitchen goddess.

Table of rib warmers
Panini from £3.25
Homemade soup £1.25
Bagels to order from £2.95
Toasted sandwiches to order from £3.00
Oven-baked potatoes from £3.00
(Hot fillings change daily and include: chilli; curry; vegetables & beans. Cold fillings include: cheese salad & coleslaw; tuna salad & coleslaw; chicken).

Salad bowl


As well as all the menu options, Judy's daily specials board has something delicious and different on it every day. And as for those who are on a special diet, are trying to lose weight, or perhaps are wheat or dairy intolerant… if there is some special requirement that the main menu doesn't cover, give Judy a call to find out how she can help. At Lunch & Judy, every customer is special, so special treatment comes as standard.

Table of rib warmers
A selection of rice, pasta and low fat salad boxes from £3.95
Specials Board (deliciously different every day) (prices vary)

Coffee cup

And finally...

If you've got a thirst there's tea, coffee, hot chocolate and chilled drinks. If you've got a sweet tooth (or a head full of them), there's home-made cakes, delicious pastries and chocolate. And if you simply have to finish your meal with a packet of crisps… a selection of these are available too.

More food, glorious food...Food, glorious food...
Fresh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta

Food to go

Best food. Choicest ingredients. Finest staff... (NB adjectives are interchangeable)

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta


The best buffets available, whatever the budget. Freshly made and utterly delicious

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta


Hot, heavenly and homemade – tuck into generous portions of Judy's finest recipes

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta


These are seriously wicked. To be avoided if gentle moaning might disturb your event

resh Tomatoes and Roasted Pumpkin Bruschetta

And more

Everything from Christmas meals for sheltered homes to canapés for cocktail hour…